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On-car advertising allows you to stay connected with your customers anywhere on the roads while reaching areas where traditional outdoor ads often can't. We offer a unique place to advertise -YellowCabCo. goes everywhere, so your message will not only be seen by a wide variety of potential customers; it will literally deliver your brand to wherever your customers are located.


Don't worry about having to find a design team to help set up and create your artwork. YellowCabCo. employs a full staff of design and sign professionals that understand the importance of brand consistency and can deliver ad solutions that engage your audience all year round.

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Welcome to the Yellow Cab Network, a powerful new way for customers to see you.

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40,000 Captive Viewers Each Month.

YellowCabCo. has over 70 vehicles with in-car TV monitors that can be customized to target, with GPS, where you want your ad to be viewed. With 40,000 captive viewers each month tuned in for an average of 12 minutes each cab ride, that's a spot that can't be missed!

The Yellow Cab Network is unlike any other advertising opportunity in the Des Moines metro. A video loop begins the second a passenger steps into the cab. The 12-minute video loop includes short clips from TV shows like Jeopardy! and Jimmy Kimmel Live, interspersed with ABC national news and business ads. This service is ideal for capturing the attention of passengers looking for entertainment options and other business services in the metro. YellowCabCo. can provide production services to create an ad for your business, or the network can simply run a preexisting spot from another broadcast outlet.


86% Likely To Seek Information About The Advertising*


69% Intend To Buy The Products That Are Advertised On YCN*

*Source / Edition Media Research, Ad Effectiveness Study, Jun 13-30, 2014, NYC. 316 Respondents

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Don't Get Nabbed!

Our "Don't Get Nabbed" campaign encourages individuals to call us or use the YellowCabCo. app for a ride home rather than risking the danger, cost, and penalties associated with drunk driving. Download our ad booklet to find out how your organization can be a part of making Des Moines a safer place.

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